How to prepare to study at a distance

Whatever the decoration, study!

To be successful in your studies, you who will start studying online need some basic rules.

1 – Organize the time and what to study each day.

2 – Organize the place of study. Prepare it so that you have everything you need at hand, so that you don’t have to get up during the concentration period. Remember to remove everything that might divert your attention.

3 – It is necessary that this space has enough light so as not to force the vision.

4 – That the place is quiet, without much noise that distracts you.

5 – Try to do the readings preferably sitting down. This way you will avoid sleeping.

6 – Be independent, do not depend on your teacher to study, because as it is at a distance, you will have to do a lot on your own.

7 – Like any human being you need rest, so you need to dedicate time to absorb the contents, not be there every day studying and not learning.

8 – Another important point is: take advantage of everything available to study, all kinds of material and media.

9 – Nobody is to waste time! So organize yourself so that this does not happen, because all activities have deadlines, if they are not met they accumulate, which will generate accumulation of activities and emotional wear and tear.

10 – Last and not least, try to feed and hydrate yourself during your study period, give preference to fruit, do not forget to leave a few minutes to walk and stretch your legs.

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