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MAS Ensino de Idiomas offers the best in the international
market for language learning and student exchange.

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A school with an open vision for the professional future of our students, in order to give you the opportunity to study outside Brazil and have direct contact with another language.

In collaboration with one of the best schools in the heart of Madrid, in the university district of the city, we have more than 30 years of experience in education and language teaching.

Our courses are aimed at all people who want to do exchange, travel with family or friends, students who need to acquire fluency for personal or professional reasons.

We offer the opportunity to take several courses with unique experiences: guided tours, museums, cities, culture. Without leaving the main focus which is the study and proficiency of the language.

Did you know that Brazil ranks sixth for students requesting exchanges in Spain?

It only loses positions to China, the United States, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela! According to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ survey in 2015. In other words, between 2013 and 2014, 40% of exchange students were Brazilians and this has increased over the years.

The students choose Spain to take their postgraduate, master’s and doctorate courses. However, Universities usually ask as language level B2 or higher, completed or in course, as a requirement to enter their courses.


There is nothing better than being able to continue your
studies and improve your language skills.

MAS prepares assembles all information for the courses according to the needs of the student. We offer a variety of courses, you choose the one that best fits your needs and travel period.

We offer a variety of courses with different values in the international market. Possibility to hire packages with or without accommodation. The client is free to choose to stay in a hostel, hotel or shared university apartment.

Thus, you get the best service, with differentiated values and better benefits with total guarantee.

Now that Spain is a trend among Brazilian students, it has been one of the most wanted destinations. With an infinity of Erasmus scholarships and with the changes in the Spanish rules, students can apply for study visas with the possibility of work once it gets the offer, with visas bestowed for long term courses, over 90 days.

Study and know Madrid!

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Learn Spanish and have the best experiences!