Reflections of living outside

There are countless texts and articles related to immigration. This is a fact!

But which one truly portrays what is going on with each individual in their adventure of achieving their dreams?

We can enumerate a number of lived situations, and yet we will not be able to portray them all. These are particular situations to each individual, their work environment, their bonds of friendship, their social and even educational level.

What worries most, are the people who usually portray these situations, are the kind of people who have not lived or do exactly the opposite of what they say. Yes, I speak because I have lived and witnessed many situations, true facts.

How easy it is to explain how to live in a country, to preach norms and rules that you don’t use in your daily life. To expose situations of which you have never witnessed or preach something that you do not accomplish in your own life.

See how human beings use social media to preach the beauty of living abroad, but not to show the reality of living in other countries. Making it clear that they are not all and I do not seek to generalize, after all, they are simple reflections.

Life far from the family is hard, lacking understanding and empathy for others. Let us put ourselves in the position of others. The other day a great friend whom I had the pleasure of meeting again on the social networks said “We cannot minimize the pain of the trajectory of others, just because the suffering of A is different from that of B”.

My pain is no greater than anyone else’s, it is only different. It’s other experiences, other situations, other people.

Who has never had any pain in their life? Financial problems, health, housing. So, what’s wrong with taking sincerity and truth at all times? Why try to look like what you’re not, and what you don’t have?

Yeah, living outside is complicated. We don’t always have true friendships, I mean the one that’s for any situation. Many think that friendship has to be financial help, remember that friend is not a bank and not always has money available to help you. Another situation is the friendship of convenience, yes the one that lasts while, one of the parties is the beneficiary.

Living outside:

It means being away from everyone you left in your home country or city. Not being present at meetings of friends and family.

Make journeys of up to 14 or 18, depending on the profession.

Working several hours a day and running the risk of not getting paid, most are usually illegal in these countries, and literally find the picks to take advantage of the situation.

It is to overcome each work day and get home having to wash, clean and cook.

Share a house with several people of different nationalities and customs.
Hearing from bosses that your work on a certain day is badly done.

Even worse, when you don’t have a job for some reason, and you have to seek help, in churches, red cross or sectors of government administrations. Eye, many do not succeed because as everywhere, we have those who do not need and is being benefited month after month.

But to live abroad is to adopt the new city or country, to know its customs, its history and its charms.

To be able to go out and say today I will live another day with the hope that it was my best option.

I have fought with determination and I have achieved the proposed goals in my personal and professional life.

Awakening each day knowing that you can start again each morning, modify what did not work yesterday.

Create a new opportunity to achieve your dreams!


Marisete Sousa